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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ok this is late but better late then never MAC fall mineralize line

Well MAC this month has or soon will be releasing 4 different groups. The first one is the Mineralize items that are pictured here. These consist of Shimpagne, Medium, Porcelain Pink (all skinfinish’s). The eye shadows are Heat Element (red and gold) Bright Side Gallery Gal (moss and beige) and Persona Screen Vinyl (black and white). The two fluidlines are Lithograph and New Weed.

I really like the skinfinish's. The pink I use as a blush and the Shimpagne is a nice highlighter for fair skin. I use it instead of a bronzer. The eye shadows are actually very basic. But you can use them wet for more dramatic results. When used dry Heat Element is more of a copper then a red so its subtle then it looks. The bright side Gallery gal is very basic beige and moss colors if you have a lot of neutrals I would not get it. The Persona Screen Vinyl I haven’t tried I am to chicken to do a smoky eye. Maybe I can ask Rachel for some help.

Over all the items I like best are the Skinfinish's and the fluidlines. The eye shadows are pretty but nothing amazing.


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