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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

OK so I know this isnt nice.. but

I hate having stuff I dont use. Like I have a lancome eyeliner in vert (olive green) I will never wear it. I have a blush from Stila that I wont use. I have a cream eye shadow from Mac I wont use and I have the Bobbi Brown lip combo that I havent used but I dont want, its to dark. So the question is should I return the stuff, I dont have my receipt or boxes or anything. Or should I just toss them out. That a lot of money to toss into the garbag, around $100. Now here is the thing that makes me question it. Some of the items I got on Ebay, and some I got in a trade. I just hate the idea of throwing them away. And Ebay has gone psyo about selling even tested makeup. I have to go to MayFair tomorrow, and I am going to exchange them. Hmm Oh well its the best option for me.


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