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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Nars Fall Look

I havent had a good day. I got my hair colored and cut, and I am really disappointed with the color. Its flat and lisless, doesnt have any variation of shade. I am getting it fixed on this coming Wendesday, which is a long time...

I didnt say anything to the girl who did my hair. Sometimes it looks better outside and once you get use to it. It just looks so blah, nothing that you couldnt get out of a $10 kit at the drugstore. For the $135 with tip that I paid I expected more deapth. But it is being addressed and it should be free. I just feel maturnly and ugly.

So I felt down about my hair, but I was over by Marshall Fields which is the only place in town that sells Nars, Mac, Bobbi Brown, and a few others (Dior, Benifit, there are more I just cant remember them all) So I wanted to imitate the Nars Fall Look which I think is lovely. So I bought a few things will update you all on how it works out.


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