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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Well I am trying out all the beauticontrol stuff

I am loving there foot cream.. my feet feel like they had a pedicure. They are soft and the gross stuff on my one toe is basiclly gone. As for the skin care, I am using the gold line. I love the face scrub, its nice doesnt hurt to use like some and it makes the skin look great. I tried a sea mask and man the smell could knock me down at 20 feet. That is horrid. The mask works great just way to strong. I wrote a letter to them about it.
I am trying to think who would like to have a party and what I should bring and things. I want to get buffing blocks and nail files to make a set out of that and the hand care items.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

OK so I know this isnt nice.. but

I hate having stuff I dont use. Like I have a lancome eyeliner in vert (olive green) I will never wear it. I have a blush from Stila that I wont use. I have a cream eye shadow from Mac I wont use and I have the Bobbi Brown lip combo that I havent used but I dont want, its to dark. So the question is should I return the stuff, I dont have my receipt or boxes or anything. Or should I just toss them out. That a lot of money to toss into the garbag, around $100. Now here is the thing that makes me question it. Some of the items I got on Ebay, and some I got in a trade. I just hate the idea of throwing them away. And Ebay has gone psyo about selling even tested makeup. I have to go to MayFair tomorrow, and I am going to exchange them. Hmm Oh well its the best option for me.

Ok this is late but better late then never MAC fall mineralize line

Well MAC this month has or soon will be releasing 4 different groups. The first one is the Mineralize items that are pictured here. These consist of Shimpagne, Medium, Porcelain Pink (all skinfinish’s). The eye shadows are Heat Element (red and gold) Bright Side Gallery Gal (moss and beige) and Persona Screen Vinyl (black and white). The two fluidlines are Lithograph and New Weed.

I really like the skinfinish's. The pink I use as a blush and the Shimpagne is a nice highlighter for fair skin. I use it instead of a bronzer. The eye shadows are actually very basic. But you can use them wet for more dramatic results. When used dry Heat Element is more of a copper then a red so its subtle then it looks. The bright side Gallery gal is very basic beige and moss colors if you have a lot of neutrals I would not get it. The Persona Screen Vinyl I haven’t tried I am to chicken to do a smoky eye. Maybe I can ask Rachel for some help.

Over all the items I like best are the Skinfinish's and the fluidlines. The eye shadows are pretty but nothing amazing.

I am in love with Nars fall line!

I have to say that I am so happy with the purchases I made from the Nars fall line. Penny Lane blush gives me that just kissed glow, add Oasis and it gives a little shimmer. This is the best blush I have ever owned. I am simply in love with this combo. Then add Bohemian Gold and India Song eye shadows they really look amazing on. Add a little bit of brown eyeliner and you can go out for day or night and look great. I like to add Butterfield lip-gloss with these items. This is my favorite fall look by far!

Well I took the plung, I am $123 dollars poorer, but I am hoping

I decided to try BeautiControl. I just love the idea of doing a spa night with the girls. I could care less about selling the stuff. I just want to spend time making people feel good. I am weird, I know. I think that doing this will make people feel good, and I love the idea that I could make someone’s day just a little better. Anyway don’t worry I wont be hawking product here. I am still a true girly girl so much so that I don’t think I could get all my stuff in one place. So I will still be putting up some reviews. I fell in love with Dior 970 eye shadow palette... its beautiful. Also I am head over heals for Nars Penny lane cream blush. It is the perfect blush for me... I will post a bunch of new stuff soon. I am moving my house around so it’s a little difficult to keep up with all my new toys. But trust me soon I promise!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

So I am thinking about selling BeautiControl products

I havent used many of them but I love there lip masq and blam, as well as the hand scrub and lotion. I want to try a few more items but so far I am liking there body products.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Nars Fall Look

I havent had a good day. I got my hair colored and cut, and I am really disappointed with the color. Its flat and lisless, doesnt have any variation of shade. I am getting it fixed on this coming Wendesday, which is a long time...

I didnt say anything to the girl who did my hair. Sometimes it looks better outside and once you get use to it. It just looks so blah, nothing that you couldnt get out of a $10 kit at the drugstore. For the $135 with tip that I paid I expected more deapth. But it is being addressed and it should be free. I just feel maturnly and ugly.

So I felt down about my hair, but I was over by Marshall Fields which is the only place in town that sells Nars, Mac, Bobbi Brown, and a few others (Dior, Benifit, there are more I just cant remember them all) So I wanted to imitate the Nars Fall Look which I think is lovely. So I bought a few things will update you all on how it works out.

This person does an amazing job with her makeup its just lovely

I really love the way this person does her makeup. Its just outstanding how it blends.