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Monday, July 31, 2006

Now I have been a very bad girl... shopping exploits inside

I know I shouldn’t have done this... but I really needed a little lift this week. So I did some shopping. I went to Mac and picked up a few items. First Mac has this great trade in program. You get 6 empty eye shadow receptacles, and you take them to a Mac counter and you get a free lipstick. So I did that and wanted the new one that came out with Amuse, they were out. So I picked up Frenzy, which is nice. So then I purchased the Mineralize skinfinish in Porcelain Pink, I got this to sell later on but it’s so pretty I might have to keep it. Then I picked up the Persona/Screen vinyl eye shadow also with the idea of selling. I have two colors I got in my trade that are so similar that I don’t need it. But this is sold out on Mac's website figured I could sell it later. Be-in lip-gloss and Lithograph eyeliner completed my Mac purchases.

Then I moved on to Bobbi Brown counter and picked up two more Chocolate Eye Palettes, for selling later on this year. I might take mine back some of the colors look really muddy on me and for that kind of $$ I want something I will wear a lot.

And then the perfume... OUCH on the pocket book.

I am getting my hair done on Wednesday and that will be at least $125.00. So I am thinking what can I do to make some money.


At 3:38 PM, Blogger Karinaxoxo said...

Perhaps sell some stuff on Ebay?? Every girls has tons of stuff they could sell!!!


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