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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hanae Mori Haute Couture Perfum

I fell in love with another perfume. This is a rare occurrence. I have one perfume I love Bvlgari Crystalline, I would bath in the stuff if I could. Thing that’s bad I can’t get it to really stay on without dousing myself all over with it. I don’t wear anything strong, I get headaches from a lot of perfumes so I am considerate about wearing them.
So I was at Fields buying way too much stuff, when I happened across a couple of perfumes. I like odd perfumes, like I will tell someone what I have on and they give me a blank stare, that kind of perfume. I have contemplated getting some samples from I hate perfume because its sounds different. I don’t like musk, I don’t like oriental, I don’t like heavy floral, I don’t like to much fruit, I like green but nicely tempered. So I have a hard time finding perfume. I was happy when I found the one.
Now comes this beautiful flowing bottle with a little gold band around its top. It has musk, it has floral, it has green, and it has fruit. When I first spray it I don’t like it, but once it settles.. It smells amazing. Its a lingering warm smell, like a flowers after the rain in a the woods. I have found another perfume to love. That makes two, which to me is amazing, as I have never had two perfumes that I adored at one time.. ever.


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