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Monday, July 31, 2006

Now I have been a very bad girl... shopping exploits inside

I know I shouldn’t have done this... but I really needed a little lift this week. So I did some shopping. I went to Mac and picked up a few items. First Mac has this great trade in program. You get 6 empty eye shadow receptacles, and you take them to a Mac counter and you get a free lipstick. So I did that and wanted the new one that came out with Amuse, they were out. So I picked up Frenzy, which is nice. So then I purchased the Mineralize skinfinish in Porcelain Pink, I got this to sell later on but it’s so pretty I might have to keep it. Then I picked up the Persona/Screen vinyl eye shadow also with the idea of selling. I have two colors I got in my trade that are so similar that I don’t need it. But this is sold out on Mac's website figured I could sell it later. Be-in lip-gloss and Lithograph eyeliner completed my Mac purchases.

Then I moved on to Bobbi Brown counter and picked up two more Chocolate Eye Palettes, for selling later on this year. I might take mine back some of the colors look really muddy on me and for that kind of $$ I want something I will wear a lot.

And then the perfume... OUCH on the pocket book.

I am getting my hair done on Wednesday and that will be at least $125.00. So I am thinking what can I do to make some money.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hanae Mori Haute Couture Perfum

I fell in love with another perfume. This is a rare occurrence. I have one perfume I love Bvlgari Crystalline, I would bath in the stuff if I could. Thing that’s bad I can’t get it to really stay on without dousing myself all over with it. I don’t wear anything strong, I get headaches from a lot of perfumes so I am considerate about wearing them.
So I was at Fields buying way too much stuff, when I happened across a couple of perfumes. I like odd perfumes, like I will tell someone what I have on and they give me a blank stare, that kind of perfume. I have contemplated getting some samples from I hate perfume because its sounds different. I don’t like musk, I don’t like oriental, I don’t like heavy floral, I don’t like to much fruit, I like green but nicely tempered. So I have a hard time finding perfume. I was happy when I found the one.
Now comes this beautiful flowing bottle with a little gold band around its top. It has musk, it has floral, it has green, and it has fruit. When I first spray it I don’t like it, but once it settles.. It smells amazing. Its a lingering warm smell, like a flowers after the rain in a the woods. I have found another perfume to love. That makes two, which to me is amazing, as I have never had two perfumes that I adored at one time.. ever.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I got my swap items and they are great!

These items arrived in the mail and I was so happy, not only was everything in great shape, there were some extras. I cant wait to try everything out. And it was supper easy to do. I love the Aveda shimmer liquid it has a lovely warm tone and is not overwhelming.

My big fall makeup items.. I will rate all of them over the next few weeks

Well this is Bobbi Brown's new fall line, chocolate. They even have a beauty bar (aka chocolate bar). The palette is browns and nudes, which is what Bobbi does best. The lip combo's are quite fun and not too sticky.
I have to say that if you have a lot of browns and nudes, this palette isn’t worth getting. I am still not sure how I feel about it. To me my eyes look muddy with the matt shades. But I am going to give it a bit. It might be my application. I do not have a blush to go with this and that also might help. I am not sure what color blush to even get to go with it. I might have to pop into the Bobbi Brown counter at Marshal Fields to see what they suggest.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I love everything about this its so beautiful

If I can ever do something like this, wow. I want to try and recreat this type of look on me. Its so well done.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I have changed the colors I wear

I use to wear pinks, purples, and blues. Now its reds, oranges, browns. Its like my whole wardrobe change color from cool too warm. I have some new Mac colors in purple and pink and I hate the colors, I am returning them. But I think its just because I stopped liking those colors. Is that odd.

Ok now that I have vented I can tell you all about some good stuff

Well first I have to tell you all, I am so broke. I have a ton of bills, medical stuff and credit cards. Its bad. Anyway my husband put us on a budget, were not doing to great at this currently. But I have decided that my beauty habit, including everything. Like shampoo, makeup, bath stuff, cloths, and haircuts and colors, are all coming out of my pocket. Even if I have to sell my soul to the devil I am not going to use $ from our normal account.

Now I know you are all going.. but we need reviews.. how are we to survive? Fear not, I will triumph over these circumstances. I put up posters at work selling my amazing chocolate chunk cookies 24 for $25, and my masterful cheesecakes for $35. And I am making people buy them. I have brought them in so many times for free, if they dont buy them when I need help, no more goodies for them. (wicked laugh)

So far I have made $30, and I have three orders for cookies, so that’s $75. Of course I have to use some money to get supplies, but that’s ok. So I have $40 I got from selling some jewelry I don’t wear anymore. Then I got a $26 rebate, and up to a total of $130 so far with everything.

And I am having a rummage this weekend; I am taking some of my parent’s stuff. They are supposed to be moving out, so that Sandie can move in. My mother told Sandie that they are selling the house that she currently lives in. So I am actually helping my parents move, not just getting more money. Hmm wonder if the tables are nailed down...

things I want

Monday, July 17, 2006

I hate the heat and I have a fricken cavity

Ok it was over 100 today and so humid. It is hot, the sticky miserable heat, which snaps all life out of you. Its the kind when you walk out of the house to your car, that your sweating and if you had worn makeup it would have slid half way down your face. I don’t even put on mascara when it’s like this.

I also had a dentist appointment. I have a cavity on my front tooth. I hate dentist, all of them in general. I can’t see why anyone would make a profession of causing people pain. I mean my cavity doesn’t hurt; it doesn’t bother me, I think maybe if I brush a whole hell of a lot that it might go away. But noooo, I have to get it filled. Do you know how much it hurts to have a filling done in the front of your mouth? I am almost crying just thinking about it. And what really sucks, I have been brushing and flossing. It took the lady maybe 10 minutes to clean my teeth; I didn’t even have much tarter. For someone in there 30's to not have tarter build up is unusual. But no I have fricken cavity. I would rather other cavities be filled then the one on my tooth.

It’s not even this guys fault that I hate dentist. When I was a kid, my mom when to OA (over eaters anonymous) She meant a dentist there and took us to see him. He was a very large man, with very large fingers. I would get my teeth cleaned and come out with the side of my lips bleeding. I think I bit him once and he hit me. Anyway now I don’t even like people touching my teeth, I don’t even like having like the white strips or anything like that on my teeth. I don’t even like having my teeth cleaned. Some people say there teeth feel so much cleaner; well mine were clean when I went in. It’s just not fair. I am so upset.

Anyway this is a brand new dentist, he took maybe a minute to check my teeth and almost missed the cavity, if it wasn’t for the lady who cleaned my teeth. But then I told them I don’t want to have it filled, and he was like "I don't have time for this." What the hell is that suppose to mean? And then he came out and me and another patient were lamenting the fact that we had to have a filling, and he asked which was the biggest whiner? Hell ya I am, but I don’t think I like him.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

my cat, Doser

Oh found a fun place MakeAlley great site

Makeup Alley This is just a great site, they have product reviews, and boards to chat on in my opion the Makeup board is great info and funMakeup Board. The site also has info on perfume, nails, fashion, skin care pretty much anything you can think of that might involve makeup. But it has one stand out feature, its called swap. I love this idea, you have a product that you dont use or it just looks off, you didnt want to take it back so you have it lying around taking up space. Maybe you decided to switch makeup lines and are getting out the old and bringing in the new. This is where Swap comes in. Members post things they no longer use, or just dont want, they find something they want. They send an email to offer to swap. You have wishlist of items your looking for and they have wishlist of items they are looking for, so if there is something to trade you swap items. This is just such a wonderful idea. You cant sell anything used on Ebay, even if its just lightly used. So this gives you some options to get something else to try. Anyway I think its great!

New Fall Lines Bobbi Brown Chocolate

Well I for one love chocolate, I like to eat, bake with it, and now I can use it for my makeup too! I saw Beauty Addict this and I had to have it. I ordered it that day. These look like sexy brown tones, which I love. I also cant wait to try the smoky eye look with them.

And in case you missed it MAC's new fall line comes out this Thrusday. I have a 2:00PM appointment with Rachel, my MAC goddess/ Makeup Artist. I am going to bring my camera and see if I can take pictures through out the make over. I am sure I cant take any of the fall line but it will be all over the web, so no worries. I just thought it would be intresting to show the process.

I read some books this weekend

Making Faces, InStyle Getting Gorgeous, and a few other old books. One was talking about the color guild that was so popular in the 80's, and the other was basic info about healthy skin.

Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin. It was a pretty good book for techniques. What it does do is show lots of looks from basic steps. Like it does a great job of explaining how to get the smoky eye. One big draw back was that black eyeliner was used on everyone. I was almost as if other colors don’t exist. Maybe I am wrong but doesn’t black eyeliner on the lower eyelid, inside the lash line and below it make your eyes look smaller? Also he doesn’t show how to apply eye shadow to the lower lash area. I never try it because I think it would just look messy, there has got to be a way of applying it so its not too much. Anyway I haven’t found it yet, I guess I will be playing with it. I copied a few pages to recreate the looks; I didn’t want to get anything on the library book. So I will take before and after pictures if I can come up with the colors.

InStyle Getting Gorgeous, would be good for a beginner. It went through basics like skin care, and types of products. The products, which were listed, were department store brands, so might be a little pricey too try many of the items. It does go through steps for manicures, pedicures, home facials, and different make up types. But for makeup application it’s not very informative. It goes through each type of product, but it breaks it down into face shapes. I just don’t like it, I can never tell if I am round, oval or dingbat shaped. So I didn’t like that. It does go through many spa and dermatologist treatments, as well as plastic surgery options. So its useful information, but not helpful with application of makeup.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Some great new blogs

Thanks to the Beauty Addict for adding a few new fun blogs to her side bar. Please take a monent to visit Chic Amoire and Lipstick, powder and paint

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I spend way to much money on makeup!

So I will tell you if it sucks, because I will return items with no shame. Yes even the stuff from the drug store. I know some of the more popular beauty blogs get stuff for free. I am an unknown. I would love to get stuff for free, but it wont happen, I live in Wisconsin for heavens sake. And everyone outside of Wisconsin knows that all the people in Wisconsin are beer drinking, brat eating, polka dancers, not interested in makeup or beauty at all. Unless its the beauty of a perfectly cooked beer brat, the accumulation of all things good in the world.

Soft hands, Mary Kay Private Spa Collection Satinhands, winner hands down!

I have hands that are dry I wash them constantly. I have a truly awful habit of ripping off my cuticles if they are dry, and I rip them till I bleed. So hand care is one of the areas I need help. I also have a problem elbow, it is always dry to the point of my skin cracking and bleeding. Now I have tried all kinds of hand cream, body cream, foot cream, I have even used lip balm trying to help this elbow. Which is why I am so trilled to tell you about Mary Kays new Satinhands product. First off they smells wonderful! It has 3 steps that you can take or you can use items individually. The first step is the extra emollient night cream. If you like taking a rich lotion and wearing gloves to bed to have the softest hands, this product is made for you. I used it like that and my hands felt like silk. Also for those of you who don’t want to take the time it can be used for a few moments and then scrubbed off with the Satin Smoothie hand scrub. This is a rich scrub that cleanses hands and exfoliates the skin. Then this is followed up with Satinhands hand cream, which is so nice its not greasy feeling and it smells so good. I also really like Mary Kays other Satinhands products. I really think that Mary Kay has the best hand cream/lotions around. I should know I have tried everything.
Satinhands link

Saturday, July 08, 2006

My brush collection and care

My brush collection... I love brushes. I like the way they feel on skin. I like what you can do with them. (NO nothing sick, get your mind out of the gutter, hehe.) I just like them and now I think I have a pretty full collection of brushes for anything that I can think of. I just got a bunch of Chanel brushes on ebay, and no I am not sure they are actual Chanel brushes but they are a good quality and that’s what I care about in this case. Ebay does have some amazing deals on brushes; I picked up 3 Estee Lauder brushes for around $10 with shipping, one fan brush, one finishing brush, and one blending brush. They have the blue handles in the photo. Good brushes are the only way to make your makeup look good. The little ones that come with the package they are disposable. Also good brushes will last a long time if you take care of them. Wash them at least 1 time a month with shampoo or dish soap. Wash them in warm water, going with the flow of the bristles, never against. Then lay on a clean towel to dry. They get softer with washing and as long as they are a good quality brush they wont lose bristles or rust.

Heres my review of Mac Studio Fix & Urban Decay Surreal Skin Mineral Makeup

Studio Fix is a powder foundation. The color looks really white cause I am pale, its N3.. so they have whiter ones. I really like it. I was using Bare Minerals and its messy and very yellowing on my eyebrow area for some reason, but I didnt have this problem with Studio Fix. It covers where I had a red mark from picking at a pimple with out looking heavy. Also wears well staying in place and not getting shinny for a good 8 hours. So I have been won over I really like this foundation.

I also want to add here a review of Urban Decay Surreal Skin Mineral Makeup. I have it in the color Dream. This is a nice product for days you want to look natural. Its light coverage and goes on like a breeze because the built in powder puff top. I like this for those mornings you wake up late but still want a quick once over. It would also be great for a younger person just getting into makeup, because its basically fool proof. So I also really like this powder. I also tried Philosophy Supernatural 4-in-1 Mineral Make Up but I was in between colors, too dark for Neutral 1, and too light for Warm 1. That is why I went with Urban Decay more color selection and identical products down to the same applicator. And its $7 cheeper, honestly I would buy this one over the Philosophy one just because of color selection but with the seven dollar savings its a no brainer.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Aaron Spelling the end of an age

Aaron Spelling, whether you loved his shows or hated them, was a prolific TV legend. I grew up with his TV shows. I remember watching Love Boat, Hart to Hart, Fantasy Island when I stayed home from school. I remember after school specials like the boy in the plastic bubble, with John Travolta. I remember watching TJ Hooker, with Heather Locklear. No one could ever forget 90210, and how cute Brandon was, and the bad boy Dillon. And he was still creating before his death at 83. He created so much, and yea sometimes we all loved to hate his shows, but he always had another one waiting in the rafters to bring us back into his world. I will miss his unique talent for knowing what people want to watch, and for having to bare even more Real TV... bluggg.

The stars that are roll models...

This is just scary looking. Keira Knightley looks like she weights maybe 90 pounds if that. It is so fricken sick looking. She has no breast, and her head looks so large on this sickly body.

Monday, July 03, 2006

I feel I need to clarify my last post

I spend at least thirty minutes to an hour reporting fake Coach bags a day. That is just on Coach, that’s not including the other designer I sit there and try to help people I don’t even know so they don’t get ripped off. But people want a bargain; well I can’t sell my purses at the prices people sell fake items. So people bid on those items and don’t even know they bought a bag that was made in china and cost $5 to make if that. They don’t know to look at the C's on the logo bag and see if they line up, and are the same on each side of the center. I took the time to learn how to spot a fake bag, and how to spot fake wallets. The wallets on Ebay are rampantly fraudulent; maybe one out of every 100 is an actually authentic one. The purses are not quite that bad but some styles are flooded with fakes; patchwork bags are one of the worst copied bags as well as logo bags. Basicly it just makes me mad that people are so eazily taken in getting a bargain that they dont even think about the fact that if its too good to be true, then its not true.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

RANT about stupid idiots on ebay

Ok I bought some Coach purses. I took them to the Coach store to make sure they were the real deal. I found authentic wallets to go with the bags that matched.... I priced them lower then the total I paid for them to sell the items. These stupid morons will pay hundreds for really crappy fake bags and think they got the best deal but wont spend the money to get a real one. I am not going to feel sorry for them and tell people "hay you bought a fake bag” These morons can figure it out themselves. Dick heads