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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Oh I got hit on. (yes I am in shock)

I was leaving after my MAC makeover. I must have looked pretty good, because there was a young man in his 20's and he said "hi" to me. I said "hi" back. Then he said I looked really good. I was a little taken aback, and then I said I just had a makeover. He said I looked beautiful, and then went on to say that I must have been beautiful before the makeover. I said I didn’t think so. Went to my car turned on the air and felt pretty good.
Makes you remember that you still got, maybe not IT, but at least something. My hubby said that I was pretty, no matter what. I am not so sure about that but it feels good to maybe think it. Oh I worked out today as well. 12 minutes on the bike and 15 minutes on the elliptical machine.

MAC Makeover photo

Well I got my MAC makeover today. Rachel used warm peaches and gold’s to accent my hair color. She was extremely nice and personable. She showed how to achieve this affect on my own. I think I might have to get another makeover with purples and pinks, which are some of my favorite colors. But my hair has changed from blondish to more of a red brown, so I am not sure how those will look with the new hair. We will have to wait and see.
So what I got today... (drum roll please!)

A great natural color lip liner called Spice, very pretty and matches my lips well. I think I can use this with a lot of my lip-gloss colors. Also I finally have a lip liner I will actually wear, my old ones are so dark.
Along with the lip liner I purchased a fun lip-gloss called Fancy That. The lip-gloss is smooth doesn’t have a smell or taste at all, which I really like. Stays in place well with out reapplying. Over all good lip-gloss.
And now for the cliffhanger... I will post the other stuff tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

On a beauty note, I am getting a Mac makeover

On Thursday at 2:00 I am getting a Mac makeover. I am excited to try there powder foundation. I use bare Minerals currently but now that I am doing my makeup in the bedroom I don’t want the mess. So I am selling what I currently have of that product and going with more traditional eye shadows, and foundation. I will post a photo if I look OK. Sometimes with getting makeup at a mall you end up... yuck. So it is contingent on that.

Superman movies too cool

I saw a preview last night of Superman returns. The actor Brandon Routh did a superb job of mimicking Christopher Reeves. He must have watched the two superman movies again and again to get the nuances down. This relatively unknown actor deserves admiration for his work.
The movie it self is well done. The special effects are good and some beautiful scenes with space back grounds. The actress who played Louise Lane wasn’t as convincing as Routh, but was still a good fit. I liked that Lane had gone on with her life, in spite of or maybe because of her love for superman. The movie leaves its end open for more movies, and for a very complicated love store with Lane, Superman and Richard. I would go see it in the theater I think that something will be lost on a home viewing. Enjoy

Monday, June 26, 2006

OK I have to stop drinking diet soda

I love soda, regular, diet, with cherries, it doesn’t matter I love it.
But I have now read 4 different beauty mags that say it’s a big HUGE NO-NO. Now I should clarify this, if I am at home and have my bottled water I like water, or if I buy bottled water I am good. But I hate going out to eat and getting water, it tastes bad to me. If I put lemon in it then I add a sugar substitute, which it turns out, causes weight gain. (Even if it doesn’t its pretty bad for your body.) Soda for women is really bad because it takes the calcium out of your bones. So many people drink so much soda that is just a scary thought. Anyway I am going to try and not eat artificial sweeteners, and not eat so many sweets, and work out more. Ugggg, I have a lot to do!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

I am thinking of trying Mac cosmetics

I have never used Mac but they really seem to be getting some rave reviews. I am looking for a new foundation, as I am almost out of bare minerals. I dont like that it seems orange around my eyebrows, which are very light colored. Plus I am lazy and dont like to do the two steps needed, foundation followed by mineral veil. So I will let you all know what I think of Mac's and Physician formula. Night all

Well the bedroom is coming along. It still need the headboard put up, and the curtain rod and drapes as well. I got a few things back up on the walls. Now that I am in the middle of it I remember why I didnt do it for so long. But it looks a ton better.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

The room is almost done

The walls are painted, at least what I could get too. We have this sort of built in Ikea closets. So I got both ends and part of the wall behind but I couldn’t get all of it. I couldn’t get the ceiling where the tall units are because I couldn’t get the roller in. Anyway besides that the room is almost complete. I have all the walls and the ceiling painted. Filled in all the holes, and I am painting the window still. It was sort of half varnished, and half just plain wood. So I am using the ceiling paint on it. I am not sure this is a good idea the wood seems to be bleeding into it. I will have to have at least 4 coats of paint maybe more. I also ran out of tape so I am doing this one by hand. Last night I was painting the ceiling and got paint all over my hair, its hard to get it out. So I got a painters hat today, only a little bit on my hair so thats good. I will post pictures when its done.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Potions and lotions

I have to admit I love skin care stuff. I love it more then makeup, it comes in close after my hubby. I am big into Estee Lauders line currently. I change lines about once every one too two years. Anyway I use the cleanser, toner, Idealist, Perfectionist, two types of lotion Daywear for day, and Future Perfect at night. I also use HYLEXIN EYE CREAM its for dark circles, I don’t see much of a difference but it makes me feel a little better at least I am trying to fix the dark rings of death under my eyes. I love scrubs and pretty much anything pampering is right up my ally. So if you find something really awesome please post it!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I love Boston Store!!

I went to Boston Store for the lipstick trade in event. I had 4 lipsticks, which were old and a little too dark for me. So I decided to get some more of the new Estee Lauder lip-glosses. They are just so nice. Anyway I go the counter and there is a free gift. So I talk to the sales person, Marilyn who was really terrific, and she says she will let me buy 3 lip glosses with the lipstick turn in of $5 off of each and gave me the free gift. I got 3 new lip-glosses for $33, and a gift! Oh I am in love with Flamingo its a sheer pink gloss that is so pretty. Rose is gorgeous, and Bronze is so sexy. If you haven’t gotten out and tried these yet, get out there!
Marilyn also had me try some new blushes I cant wait to use. Rose nuance which is a petel soft blush. I am going to have to get it when we have a little more $$. Anyway off for now. Stay cool and drink lots of H2O.

picture... hmm I hate pictures of me.

just cant do it have to take it away. I may try another day.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I have a confession.. I want Kalisah's shoe closet

This woman is my shoe goddess idol. She has the shoe closet all of us want but are afraid to admit it. This year I bought my first pair of shoes over the $200 mark, because of her inspirational commentary on shoes. Now mind you I got them on ebay so I didn’t pay that much for them but they still were $255 Kate Spade shoes. I love them, I love how they feel, how they make me feel, and just how darn pretty they are. Please take a minute to visit her blog and read her 100 things about shoes!
Shoe goddess

Coach has a wonderful fall line coming out!

I recently took a Coach purse and had it sent in to the company because the dye on the leather came off. It was really weird. Anyway I got a letter that said basically that the purse wasn’t usable and they would like it if I spent $177 at their store for a new purse. Don’t have to ask me twice! So I got one of the new scarf print bags, I didn’t think I would like it as much as I did. It’s grown on me.
It looks nice with all the browns and golds coming out for fall.
To take a look at the new Coach items

Click here!

Boston Store is having a lipstick trade in!

Thats right folks. On Thursday June 22 thru June 24. Bring in your old out of date lipsticks and get $5 of the purchase of a new one! Now this means I can get my other Estee Lauder lip gloss thats been calling my name for only $11.50. When are you going to see prices this good again? Not for a while so get in there now!
See Add for Boston Store

Also it looks like Lancome at Marshall fields has a beautiful brush set, I am not sure if its a purchase with purschase item. But worth taking a look. Lancomes lipglosses are also very nice.
See add for Marshall Fields

Well thats all for tonight. Sleep well and drink your water!

Ok I am going to paint my bedroom!

Yep I am tired of worn out yellow, I need a change. I am going with a light lilac color. I have the blanket set already which is blues, greens, and purples. Its pretty, that’s the pillowcase. So I am doing purple on the walls and I think sage curtains. I am trying to get this set from Pottery Barn, on ebay they are used so maybe I could afford them. So I will have to keep you all up-to-date on the project

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I am going to have to give up my cooler of bottled water

I must admit I drink a ton of water. I have a really dry mouth so I take it everywhere. I buy a bottle of water and then fill up again and again from my water cooler. Now I am also very picky about the water in the cooler. I like Hinckley springs drinking water, I don’t like anything that is mineraly. Anyway we are short on funds (yeah I know who isn’t, this year sucks) so I am going to stop having water delivered. I don’t know if this will actually save money or if I will just end up spending more money on bottles of water. My hubby said one more month, Whoopee!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Oh Estee Lauder has a new lip gloss

I was and Marshall fields soon to be Macy's two weeks ago. I had gone to Lancôme for the gwp, and was looking for a light coral color lipstick. This is hard because my hair has a lot of red in it and coral clashes. So I found a color I liked but they didn’t have it, checked Boston store no luck. So I was back at Fields returning something and I saw that Estee Lauder had their gwp as well. So I figured I use it all the time why not get something. So I checked out a bunch of stuff and wasn’t really finding anything jumping out at me. The Estee Lauder beautician came over and she showed me this really pretty all over power that was various shades of peach/coral. I am very fair skinned so I could use it as a blush. I am weird about blush I always think I have too much on, but I have only a little bit. I think its because I am hot when I am getting ready so I am flushed. But anyway back on topic.

Then I asked if they had any coral colored lipstick or lip-gloss. I did not like the old lip-gloss by Estee, it tasted bitter to me (I drink tons of bottled water and lip stuff gets on the rim). So she said this was a new one. I tried it, yum didn’t have the chemical smell or bitter taste, and it didn’t feel like a layer of plastic wrap on my lips. I might have to get a pink one to replace my old one. It made my lips peel so I had to toss it.

I forgot to tell you all, the T3 hair dryer is amazing!

I had a birthday on June 1. No I am not telling you how old I am. I was surfing the web and on ebay there was a deal for the t3 featherweight hair dryer and the Chi straitening iron both for $110. That’s a good deal. Anyway I was telling me mom about it and she said she wanted to get me that for my b-day. (Yeah-good mom!)
So I got it. I didn’t think it would be much different from my other hair dryer, but its true. It takes less time to dry and my hair isn’t as fly away. I didn’t have a straitening iron but my friend suggested I try one. Wow its great. I am seriously in love with these two products. Anyway if anyone ever reads this, they really work!

I got a makeup box, not a bag but a big box

This thing is great. It has 2 draws for stuff, two flip up trays, one main tray and the doors open to hold brushes. I am pretty excited about it! I know its not a good box, its not made the best, but it really works for me and with shipping and everything it was only $28.
I moved all my makeup stuff to the bedroom, just to hot in the bathroom. Oh what I would give for central air! Anyway now I need a makeup mirror. I found one for $32 with shipping I think I will talk to the hubby and get it. Can't wait till it's all put together. I actually cleaned the bedroom... got all the laundry out, on Sunday I am mopping the floor.

Friday, June 16, 2006

So I took the plunge and got the Brazilian wax

Well first off I was awful I didn’t mean to be, but it was just that way. I got sick the day I was to go in, so I canceled and rescheduled. Then I got my monthly and I was like no way, so I canceled, again. Then I ended up working for a friend on the day I was supposed to get this done and I canceled, again. Finally I got to an appointment. I would not have blamed the girl if she had done the wax in the worse possible way, but she was awesome. First it’s embarrassing, but the girl was really good at making you feel relaxed. She talked about her kids and had some funny stories. And honestly the wax didn’t hurt much, it hurt the next day. And you have to make sure you exfoliate or you get nasty bumps. She suggested an exfoliating glove, I found one at the dollar store, so it’s a good bet they have the glove pretty regular.
So I am all-bare down there and I have a gyn appointment with a new doctor. My other doctor wasn’t very good, he didn’t do breast exams. So I am just dying of embarrassment. Anyway the new doctor seemed nice. He talked some in his office first and then did the exam in an exam room. Ok so he did the breast exam, then the pap smear, then out of the blue he says, this is the worst part then its all over, yea anal exam. I half jumped off the table and I would have said no, but he was done. It was weird, but I think its becoming common because polyps and rectal cancer. But still it was weird to go from a doctor that was like whatever to a doctor that was really thorough.