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Friday, May 19, 2006

Comments on the great mascara hunt!

You have got to try this stuff. It’s like the best mascara I have ever tried. I have actually tried a lot of them, as that was one thing I used quite a bit. But anyway, it’s called Dior show. It has a huge brush that coats the lashes so nicely, no more having to comb through them to get rid of clumps. It is fantastic. I have these itty-bitty eyelashes, hell all my hair on my body is fine and I don’t have much, but this stuff makes them look huge. Seriously you need to try this. I have used Estee lauders, Lancombs, and false lashes by Prescriptives; Dior has a better brush then any of them.
The brush with the silver handle is Dior, the other with the black is flex wp by Lancome.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Coach bags.. And eBay. Yuck!

Well I have been burned. I wanted to get some new handbags and thought eBay has them for so much cheaper, ill get it there. Not a good idea unless you research it, a lot!
So I bid on 3 bags and won them I was all excited. Then I get an email from a couch employee stating the bag I got was a really bad fake. So I was like how can I tell, I went to the eBay community boards and found the purses, shoe forum and checked. Huge Huge fake. And one of the other ones is fake too. So I didn't pay for one, but I did the other one. I emailed the person stating the bag was fake so I didn't want it and haven't heard back.
Then on one I got a real coach bag! But the person selling it stated is was new with out tags, in excellent condition. Also it was 12 inches wide by 6 inches high. I get it and the bag is tiny its actually 8 1/4 inch wide by 6 high. And its filthy. Here check out the pictures I took of it. (love my digital camera!)
Used Coach Bag
New without tags... Not even close. So I am trying to learn more before I make a bigger fool of myself. Oh and 95% of all name brand wallets on eBay are fake. Here is a good place to check out if you want to buy a real name brand purse off of eBay. Real nice people!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Bikini wax

So I am thinking about a bikini wax, the whole thing... Brazilian. I was thinking it would be a nice present for my hubby. He would love it. I have never had anything waxed but my eyebrows. And its a little embarrassing to be you know... naked spread eagle. So I was thinking maybe I could do it myself. I have never done waxing at home... I am not that coordinated, so it might be dangerous. Well something to think about.

Sandals and summer toes

Summer is fast approaching, although here in Wisconsin its around 40 degrees... burr! The heat in the house is turned off for summer so its around 60 degrees inside. But still summer is coming and toe showing season will be here soon!
For summer you need to get your feet in good shape. I get myself around two pedicures each summer one in the beginning and one at around August. The best pedicures in Milwaukee, is Tanya’s on 86 and north ave. She is a doll and does just the best job. So if you are around here go see her. The pedicures run $35.00 totally worth every penny.
Once your feet are looking a little better (I know I neglect mine in winter!) You need to have two really great nail colors. One red and a hot pink.. There are of course more colors but these are the essentials. I'm not really a waitress, by OPI, is the perfect red (if you only buy one nail polish make it this one!) Next a nice hot pink, this looks so nice on tanned skin. My skin doesn’t tan; I am either pale or lobster red. But I still wear hot pink just I need a little red in it, found a good one by OPI called "To Eros is Human". This year with all the bright colors out pretty much anything goes, just don’t go to pale!
Now shoes, I love shoes, I would have a room dedicated to shoes if I could. But since my husband said I couldn’t have anymore till I got rid of some, well there are a bunch of shoes up on ebay! Now I have a dilemma. I wear wedge platforms, usually slip-on. Ok when you do a lot of walking it makes the bottom of my foot sore. So I am going to try and see if an ankle strap will help at all. Thing is I have always heard that if you have short legs you shouldn’t ware them. (I hate my legs, their short, wide, and lots of veins, yuck!) Also because of my legs I don’t wear shorts, I go with Capri’s. So an ankle strap with Capri’s... I am thinking it’s not a good idea. Maybe I can get some of the new skirts that are showing up this summer that would look better I guess.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

new toys

So I got some new toys. Go Smile... this stuff is so great. I got the B1 whitening system. It really worked. Didn’t hurt my teeth, didn’t make them more sensitive. And got them much whiter. So I tried there lip protector, and I love it. I have lip issues. When I wear lipsticks or glosses that have a lot of sparkle my skin on my lips likes to peel off. (Gross!) This stuff helps, tried a ton of others. Burts, Clinque, blistex, and some other ones they didn’t help. So I am now totally hooked on Go Smile. They have the best toothpaste, I mean I really really like. It’s just really fresh tasting. Anyway if you are going to whiten your teeth definitely think about this product.
Then I got something that is suppose help your eye lashes grow. It’s called Talika lipocils, sounds like it’s a lip thing but its not. This is the one that people seem to think actually helps. So I am praying on my thin little eyelashes that it works! I will keep you up to date. (Not that anyone reads this silly thing)
I finally got my hand lotion. I got this hand lotion in Door County years ago, I liked, a lot. I along with weird lips, I have one elbow that is always dry.. like to the point that the skin is torn. This lotion helps, not many really do so I was happy. Ahava this stuff is the bomb. Anyway
This is my list of new toys.