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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Oh Ebay how I do love you

Well I went just a little over board.... I just started to use Estee Lauder skin care, about 3 months now. So I have been using this stuff called Idealist, I love it. Goes on under your lotion and makes your skin feel like velvet. Anyway the ladies at the counter keep suggesting I try Perfectionist, it also goes on under the lotion. So yesterday I saw the 1oz bottle going pretty low on Ebay so I bought it for about $20 and $6 shipping. So today I was just hanging out on Ebay and I see some bottles that are 1.7oz going for under $30. So I snatched up all 3 of them... Like I need three. Then the same person has the huge gigantic mega 3.4oz bottle and it was only at $34.... so I bid $40 and got it for 39.50. Now I am wondering how the heck I am going to use all this! That is 9.5 oz, that’s more the half a pound. Anyway if anyone needs some perfectionist.. Email me!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Perfume musing

I have never been a huge perfume user. I would use shower gel and lotion and that was it. But lately I have decided to take the huge leap to perfumes. I do not like anything really strong, or musky, spicy and what not. I do like green, fruity (not to much!), and light florals. I have Clinque Happy Heart but its a little to heavy on the Lilac. So I checked out Fields and found my favorite perfume it is so different called BVLGARI Crystalline... smells so good. But on me at least the scent fads really fast. So I am looking at purchasing bath and body lotion... ouch like $30 each. But it might be worth it. I have been looking for some other perfumes... apparently most people have more then one... who know. (See I am a novice) So I picked up Tommy Bahamas Very Cool... its coconut, has a sea smell as well as light floral. I also picked up Ralph, which I am going to have to return it gives me a headache. So I am still looking. Anyway just thought I would post my new perfumes cause well my life is dull and this is exciting.